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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Digital Studios...

blacice we pride ourselves on providing and delivering the hottest tracks directly to the streets, doing what we love, in an environment we love, producing our very best quality.. We know how rough and tough it is in the music industry, where not going to lie to you, but we offer the opportunity for you to get right to your audience and get yourself heard, through quality and a serious work approach. You may not have the cash, but if you have time and talent there's always a chance to go all the way. .

Blacice specialises in Digital Music Recording and Digital Video production with a line of digital photographers and artist to make you dreams a realist. Blacice Films provides the digital resources you require to get your music videos onto the big screen.

With strong Internet presence, blacice can also get your music and videos up and onto the internet instantly, enabling you to capture listeners from across the world. Our team consist of some of the best qualified technical engineers in the business, blacice can provide the media impact you require.

When we do music its for the love of music not the cash, i made up of engineers, artists, and musicians whom have been in the music business for some years, and in their joint love of true unrestricted music, have come to form what we know today as  Blacice Entertainment.